Man extradited from New Zealand over $5.6 million fraud charges

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An Australian man has been extradited from New Zealand after allegedly defrauding at least 35 people from nine countries of more than $5.6 million through fraudulent investment schemes.


Dressed in a dark T-shirt and tracksuit pants, Daniel Albert, 51, was escorted by detectives through Sydney Airport to a waiting police vehicle on Friday morning.

He was then taken to Mascot police station where he was charged with 35 counts of fraud. He was arrested in Auckland on Wednesday.

NSW Police allege that a body scanner that would supposedly allow people to make 3D-printed models of themselves or their pets was one of many scams.

The elaborate schemes involved registered companies including some named First Aerial, Switched on Social and 3D selfie printer franchise Identical You.

Police allege the scams affected people in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Lebanon, Qatar, Singapore and South Africa.

The 51-year-old is alleged to have defrauded one man of $620,000 in 2012 with a fraudulent franchise venture called Glamour Nail.

An archived web page for the nail business indicates it would have offered small kiosks capable of painting more than 1000 designs onto fingernails.

Australia’s corporate regulator deregistered a Woollahra company of the same name in 2015.

Detectives from the State Crime Command’s fraud and cybercrime squad began investigations into multiple fraudulent investments schemes in 2015, establishing Strike Force Summercloud.

Fraud and Cybercrime Commander Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said the investigation of financial deception or fraud was “never an easy task”, describing it as both “tedious” and “frustrating for victims”.

“It generally involves analysing mountains of documents and tracking multiple transactions and payments around the world,” he said.

“Given the scope of the investigation to date, we are continuing our inquiries to ensure we put anyone responsible for any NSW-based fraudulent franchise scams before the courts,” Superintendent Katsogiannis said.

Mr Albert appeared at Central Local Court on Friday via audio-visual link.

His lawyer Greg Goold told the court his client had “voluntarily” handed himself in to New Zealand police this week.

Mr Goold declined an opportunity to enter a plea in court on behalf of his client, but told the media outside court that he anticipated his client would plead not guilty.

“This may well be a civil dispute instead of a criminal dispute,” he said, adding, “It depends on whether the products police say existed did exist.”

Mr Albert, whose address is listed as a luxury apartment in Potts Point, was remanded in custody, with the matter adjourned to November 24.

Superintendent Katsogiannis defended the length of time it took to arrest and charge Mr Albert, even though he was known to police for many years.

“It’s one thing a person being known to us, another thing people coming forward, making complaints and providing evidence for us to be able to investigate and put this person before the courts,” he said.

He said dealing with different types of international law was “not as easy” as people may think.

It is understood Mr Albert owns a number of properties, which are being considered by forensic accountants, in an effort to provide compensation to the victims.

Friday’s extradition follows the arrest earlier this year of a 48-year-old woman, who was also charged with 35 counts of fraud, following an investigation by Strike Force Summercloud.

In July, strike force detectives executed a search warrant at a home in Woollahra, where investigators seized computers, electronic storage devices and documentation for forensic analysis.

The woman remains before the courts. #BreakingNews on the arrest of an alleged conman accused of fleecing millions of dollars from investors. #9ACAhttps://t.co/gZRxQiWsIspic.twitter苏州美甲学校/Xoxyebm9x7??? A Current Affair (@ACurrentAffair9) November 9, 2017

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Santa Claus arrives at Westfield Kotara on Sunday

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Ho ho ho: Santa comes to town Part of the family: Santa Claus said he got teary seeing children’s joyful facial expressions. “It hits me right in the heart. When the whole family comes in I feel like I’m at a Sunday roast.” Pictures: Simone De Peak


Smile: Santa Claus said he would “have to get used to all these selfies”. He said he took many photos with older teens, who wore fancy dress. “Everyone is welcome.” Picture: Simone De Peak

Traditions: Westfield Kotara’s Santa Claus has been in the chair for 17 years. Picture: Simone De Peak


facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappSIX weeks out from Christmas, it’s not too late to get on Santa Claus’ goodlist.

“Young ladies and fellas just need to help mum and dad, keep their rooms neat and tidy, eat vegetables, brush their teeth, go to bed early and be good at school for the rest of this year,” Westfield Kotara’s Santa Claus said.

The self described “jolly and boisterous” gift giver will be joined by Mrs Claus when he participates on Sunday in the centre’s 9.30am parade, which culminates in him nestling in for the start of thousands of photos.

“Last year I got mobbed, there were kids grabbing my legs,” he said of the parade.

“Every year for 17 years it’s just gotten busier. We have one young lady who comes from Melbourne and another young fella who comes from England each year.”

Centre management said it received hundreds of calls starting in October asking when the man in red would arrive.

Mr Claus said some children in recent years have asked for peace.

“If I could grant them that, it would be my best wish.”

You’re probably getting paid better than you think

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You’re probably getting paid better than you think you are. If only you knew it.


Whether our jobs pay us fairly matters a lot less to us than how well we feel we’re getting paid, a new survey has found – and because we’re in the dark about why, exactly, we’re paid what we are, most of us think we’re getting underpaid.

In reality, nearly 90 per cent of people who think they’re underpaid are actually getting at or near the market rate, a new survey by the online salary database PayScale has found.

But people who think their employers are fair and transparent in how they determine pay are more likely to be happy at work than those actually paid the going rate for their jobs.

In its survey, PayScale collected salaries and corresponding market rates for the jobs of more than 500,000 people, then asked respondents to rate a series of statements – including ones about job satisfaction and employers’ pay, transparency and fairness – on a scale from one to five.

Those confident in the fairness and transparency of their employers’ pay processes, the survey found, were 5.4 times more likely than people paid a market rate to be highly satisfied with their jobs.

“Companies are determining pay in this kind of behind-the-curtain way,” said Chris Martin, the lead data analyst at PayScale. “Employees are forming opinions and think they are getting a raw deal.”

Employers determine pay using a variety of factors, some of them highly subjective. Advocates for women and people of colour have pushed transparency as one way to close gender and racial pay gaps, letting people know when they’re paid less than their colleagues and forcing employers to confront their own inequities. Some states and cities have barred employers from asking job candidates what they were paid at previous jobs, lest their new salaries perpetuate earlier unfairness.

By examining their pay processes, some companies have found, and corrected, pay gaps. In an internal audit, Salesforce found pay disparities and had to adjust around 6 per cent of employees’ salaries to make up for unexplained differences.

A few companies have gone further, making all their employees’ pay completely public. One such employer is Buffer, a social media management platform, which publishes salaries for anyone to see and explains what variables determine them with a pay calculator.

Still, the move to transparency has been limited. Just 6 per cent of the 7,700 employers PayScale surveyed said they publish everyone’s salaries; a full half of all the employers said they tell employees only what’s on their paycheques.

Earlier this year, Citigroup shareholders voted with management and rejected a proposal to analyse and publicise the bank’s gender-pay gap.

Natasha Lamb, a managing partner at Arjuna Capital, has made similar proposals to five other financial companies, but none has bitten.

The new survey findings suggest resistant employers have something to gain from demystifying what they pay their workers though, said Martin: “This is a way for organisations to develop this deeper level of trust.”


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DramaCaught in the Villain’s WebKen Longworth

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CHOOSE A SIDE: Allyn Barrett as Cyril Bothingwell, Annalie Hamilton as Felicity Fair and Alex Simpson as Malvern Larkfield.MAITLAND Repertory Theatre is staging a traditional melodrama, Caught in the Villain’s Web, as its end of year show, and will give audience members a glass of champagne or sherry as they arrive in the theatre so that they will be able to adeptly hiss the villain and cheer the hero.


The show will have a three weekend season at its theatre from November 17, with Friday and Saturday evening performances and Sunday matinees. Audience members will be seated around tables for eight people, and have a light supper before the show, with desserts at interval.

The melodrama, which has the full title Caught in the Villain’s Web, or More Sinned Against Than Sinning, has been popular with audiences worldwide since it was written by American playwright Herbert E. Swayne in 1949.

Swayne stuck to the traditional 19th century format and setting of melodramas, with the villain, a crooked lawyer, wearing a large cape.

The play is being directed by Steve Ryan, who has amusingly shown his melodrama expertise as an actor and director.

Caught in the Villain’s Web is set in the wealthy Larkfield family’s country mansion, with the lives of those around her being manipulated by the owner, hard-hearted Mrs Regina Larkfield, played by another melodrama veteran, Dimity Eveleens.

A society matron, Regina is pretending to be ill to force her son, Malvern (Alex Simpson), to marry a scheming family friend, Nella Hargrave (Anna Balfour), who has developed a passion for the young man. Malvern, however, is attracted to a nurse, Felicity Fair (Annalie Hamilton), who is brought to care for Regina by her physician, Dr Hugo Belch (Terry Allen).

Regina’s lawyer, Cyril Bothingwell (Allyn Barrett), is plotting to get possession of Larkfield Mansion, and spends most of his time there in activities such as listening behind a screen to the conversations of others.

He’s also planning to choose either Felicity or Regina’s daughter, Lona (Shay Gardiner), to carry out his dastardly deeds.

He overhears Felicity, when Malvern proposes to her, tell him that she can never marry because she lost her memory after being involved in a train wreck five years earlier and can’t recall if she was wed.

Cyril subsequently tells Felicity that she is his wife.

The story’s other characters include butler Brockston (Ian Robinson), French maid Denise (Aimee Cavanagh) and Nella’s ailing mother (Sue Shaw).

Caught in the Villain’s Web has drinks and supper from 7pm and 1pm, with the show beginning at 8pm and 2pm. Dessert and tea and coffee are served at interval.

Tickets, $37, include the show and supper.

Bookings: 4931 2800.

How to tell if your offset account is fake, a disgrace or first-rate

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Hi Nicole,


I was interested to read your piece on the risks associated with some offset accounts. When I took out my mortgage I read the small print for a number of high street banks’ mortgage products. One of them clearly stated that if they believed you were at risk of being unable to maintain payments they reserved the right to “call” on any money held with them and apply it to the mortgage. Which I interpreted, I believe correctly, as meaning that they could remove money from any offset I held with them while the mortgage was in force. Whether they would actually do it is another matter, of course, but personally I chose to go with a lender whose terms were a little more customer friendly. Jackie, Sydney

In the words of Q&A’s Tony Jones, I’ll take that as a comment. And it’s a good one Jackie.

The thing is, offsets can be fake, a fine-print disgrace ??? or they can be first rate.

Here are the questions everyone should ask of their offset accounts – today. Because the wrong one could see you lose all of your savings but the right one can slash a fortune off your home loan.

Question 1: Are you an authorised deposit-taking institution? If not, the offset account is fake: it’s simply a tally of any extra you’ve repaid, which is sitting directly inside your home loan. Certainly, these lenders would have access to this money in the event you defaulted on repayments – or even potentially if another lender bought the company’s loan book because they were in financial trouble ??? you might find your hard-earned savings are just netted off your new loan. Check lenders covered by the deposit guarantee, or Financial Claims Scheme, here.

Question 2: Does the account offset my savings dollar-for-dollar against my loan balance? And is the effective interest saving identical to the interest rate applied to my loan? Any “no” means your offset is a fine-print disgrace; you might even be better off putting your money in a bog-standard savings account. Fixed-rate loans are notorious for offering these partial offset accounts, but some lenders try and get away with it on variable rate products too.

Question 3: A straight up question – do you have call on the money in my offset account (or indeed any other account with you) if I missed a loan repayment? This will vary from lender to lender, and a first rate one will answer “no”. And, no, just because they’re on the high street doesn’t mean your money is protected, Jackie.

If you can’t get straight answers, all will be revealed in the sigh-inducing Product Disclosure Statement. A careful read could save you thousands.Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon is a money educator and consumer advocate: themoneymentorway苏州美甲学校. You can write to her for help solving your money problem, or with a consumer question, at [email protected]苏州美甲学校苏州美甲学校论坛.

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Corner Country hosts NSW’s most remote service

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The Remembrance Day ceremony at Packsaddle is held on top of a hill where a plaque dedicated to fallen soldiers stands. Photo by Mia Degoumois.In one of the most remote corners of NSW where the terrain is harsh and unforgiving sits a plaque dedicated to those who never returned to see “the vision splendid and the sunset plains extended”.


The lone plaque that sits atop a hill, 2kmfrom Packsaddle Roadhouse,which is north of Broken Hill, has 360 degree breathtaking views.

Every year on Remembrance Day and Anzac Day, the entire population that surrounds Packsaddle Roadhouse, (30 people),leave their propertiesto remember those who served and fought and those that never returned.

“It’s a really special spot, it’s quiet and there is nothing as far as the eye can see,” said Mia Degoumois from Packsaddle Roadhouse.

Mrs Degoumois said the plaque was erected two years ago by Grant Breadhouer from Packsaddle Station, who donated it and the rock it sits on.

“We came up with the idea to put it up there because we always go to watch sunsets and sunrises there, which are absolutely amazing, so we thought it would be fitting to put it in such a beautiful place,” she said.

“We had quite a few soldiers that went off to war from here and never came back and with many of their descendants still living here we wanted a special place to remember them.”

This Remembrance Day locals will raise the Australian flag and stand for a minute of silence while overlookingKoonenberry Mountain.

“Standing up here it’s really quiet and respectful, there is no where else like it,” Mrs Degoumoissaid.

The Land

A brutal Newcastle childhood leads to a senseless murder

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Murdered: Leslie Wallace was a “vibrant, creative and generous man” until he was brutally murdered in a case of mistaken identity.


IT was a crime spree as brutal as murderer John Lloyd Evans’childhood –threehome invasions over a seven-week period in 2015 that left one man with serious head injuries and another man dead because Evans mistakenly thought he was a drug supplier.

Details of Evans’shocking crimes, and the uglyfactsof a Newcastle childhood where he was firstraped and given drugs atthe age of nine, were made public this week after a co-accused was acquitted of murder followinga Newcastle Supreme Court trial.

Evans, 35, was sentenced to 24 yearsjail for forcing his way into Leslie Wallace’s rented unit at Terrigal, tying him up with electrical tape, gagging himand bludgeoning his head and bodyon December 15, 2015. Evanswent to the unit because a former tenant was a drug supplier. Mr Wallace, 65, was in the process of moving into the unit when he was attacked and killed.

Evans left with Mr Wallace’s laptop computer, a USB drive and a digital projector.

“Based on the number and severity of the injuries detected, the assault appeared to have been very violent and sustained, possibly over at least several minutes. It was said that death would not have been instantaneous,” said Justice Robert Hulme in a decision made public this week after Evans’ co-accused, Tamara Fenton, was found not guilty of murder.

Acquitted: Tamara Fenton found not guilty of murdered Leslie Williams. Her co-accused, John Lloyd Evans, was found guilty of murder.

Only hours after leaving Mr Wallace for dead, Evans forced his way into a house at The Entrance, ordered the male occupant to kneel and bludgeoned him about the head. He left without taking anything.

Seven weeks before the Terrigal killing, Evans and an accomplice forced their way into a Woy Woy home, threatened five occupants with a metal pole, tied their hands with electrical tape and stole $750 in cash, cigarettes, toiletries and bottles of vitamins.

“It’s been a pleasure gentlemen,” Evanssaid on his way out.

Justice Hulme accepted evidence from Community Corrections, a forensic psychologist and neuropsychologist that Evans’ childhood and adolescence included“significant physical, sexual and psychological abuse” that“provides in very large measure an explanation for his involvement in substance abuse and criminal offending from an early age, as well as for the fact that they have been enduring features of his life”.

A stepfather was sadistically violent and the stepfather’s brother sexually abused Evansfrom the age of nine. Evanswas also sexually abused by a neighbour andliving on the streets at12. He was using marijuana at age nine, heroin at 15 and“ice” at 21, and his criminal record started at 15.

His general intellectual abilities were in the extremely low range, the court heard.

Justice Hulme said he was“not entirely convinced”that Evans’ remorse wasgenuine, or that he had even a “glimmer of hope” of rehabilitation.Evans’ record while in custody was not good, with four drug and alcohol infractions in the past six months, the judge noted.

Justice Hulme extended hissympathyto Mr Wallace’s fiancee and family for the loss of“such avibrant, creative and generous man”.

Evans was sentenced to 24 years jail, with a minimum jail term of 18 years, and credit for pleading guilty. His earliest release date is December, 2033.

In Her Time scratched from Darley Classic

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TOUGH: In Her Time, left, finishing second to Hey Doc in the group 1 Manikato Stakes at Moonee Valley. Picture: AAP Image/George SalpigtidisUPDATE:Newcastle trainer Ben Smith was extremely disappointed to scratch star mare In Her Time from the group 1 Darley Classic at Flemington on Saturday morning.


In Her Time had been reshod and later had hoof filler applied following damage sustained in the Manikato Stakes two weeks earlier.

“Extremely disappointing not be racing today, it was a hard decision to make, but as In Her Time wasn’t quite one hundred percent the welfare of the horse is our priority,” Smith posted.

“She will have a little spell now and return bigger and stronger in the autumn.”

FRIDAY: IN Her Time trainer BenSmith has a score to settle at group 1 level with his star.

And a win over Everest champion Redzel in the $1 million Darley Classic (1200 metres) at Flemington on Saturday shapes as the perfect way for his mare to breakthrough at the elite level after three placings.

The Newcastle-trained three-time group 2 victor missed out on a spot in the inaugural $10 million Everest on October 14 but won the $500,000 consolation,runninga faster time thanRedzel’s triumph.

The Darley Classic, featuring five runners from The Everest, is another chance forIn Her Time to show she belongs among the best sprinters in Australia. And Smith believed the fieldwas“probably stronger” than the one for The Everest.

“The other was a deal-based race and this is a form-based race,” Smith said.

“We missed out on The Everest,and so didTerravista, andMalaguerra has been racing well down here.There’s been a few who probably could have held their spot over one or two others who were in The Everest.

“It’s a really nice race and probably as strong a sprint race as you’re going to get.”

In Her Time has beaten Everest and Darley Classic runners Clearly Innocent,ChautauquaandVega Magic this preparation and Smith had favouriteRedzel in his sights.

“Redzel hadus in the Doomben10,000 but that was partly my fault,” he said.

“It was her first time travelling and I didn’t know how much weight she would lose in the trip, then it rained all Saturday morning, which didn’t suit us so we are really looking forward to this.”

In Her Timefollowed up her Everest day winwith a narrow second to Hey Doc in the group 1 Manikato at Moonee Valley two weeks ago.The five-year-old threw a shoe and had another shifted when bumped in the run. Smith had her reshod the following day but said this week that“we’ve had to do a bit more patch work but it’s good now. She’s quite happy.”

“The bar plates come off again. We had to put some synthetic hoof filler on it, just to give a bit of support where it broke away a bit, but she’s quite comfortable with that.”

Like In Her Time, Kris Lees’ Clearly Innocent, eighth in The Everest, will race in the Darley Classic without a test on thestraight 1200m course at Flemington.The Newcastle trainer, though, believed his gelding wouldappreciate the change in his first run since the Everest.

“He’s not a turning-track kind of horse, so I think this will suit him,” Lees said.“He didn’t probably run up to our expectations [in the Everest] but there’s similar form lines going into the lead-up run so there’s no reason why he can’t bounce back.”

Lees also has Sense Of Occasion in the $2 million Emirates Stakes (2000m). The seven-year-old was ninth but finishing strongly in the Kennedy Mile last Saturday.

“He was good late, which you wanted to see going to a 2000-metre race,” he said. “I would have loved to get a bit of soft ground, but he’s not going to get it. But he’s in good order and I think he will run well.”

Tosen Stardom, for Hunter syndicators Australian Bloodstock, will also run in the Emirates Stakes.

Lees has a strong team at Rosehill and saidKaravali was “thepick of them” and Just Dreaming “will be hard to beat”.

At Flemington, Corey Brown will ride In Her Time and Sense Of Occasion, whileBlake Shinn will have his first time aboard Clearly Innocent in the Darley Classic.

Meanwhile, Smith said he had done no major trackwork with In Her Time in between runs because of her unusually busy program.

“This will be her fourth run in eight weeks and she’s never had to do that,” he said

“She’s always gone a month, maybe into a fortnight, into a month again, she’s never been two weeks, two week, two weeks.

“We’re just mindful that she’s never done that before and she is quite fitand clean-winded, so we haven’t done too much with her.”

Blow to government as Fiona Nash replacement questioned

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New South Wales Liberal Hollie Hughes. Photo: SuppliedThe Turnbull government has been hit by another constitutional set back, with NSW Liberal Hollie Hughes facing the prospect of missing out on a Senate vacancy.


Ms Hughes was set to fill the Senate seat left vacant after former Nationals deputy leader Fiona Nash was found to be ineligible under section 44 (i) of the constitution.

But Justice Stephen Gageler referred Ms Hughes confirmation to a full bench hearing next Wednesday after hearing that Ms Hughes may be constitutionally ineligible to sit in the Senate because she was a Commonwealth employee for a time after the 2016 election.

The High Court on Friday did give the green light to three new senators, to fill vacancies created by other MPs struck down by dual citizenship laws.

Former Australian Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett will return to the upper house, replacing Larissa Waters as Greens senator for Queensland.

Business consultant Fraser Anning will step into the Queensland One Nation seat vacated by Malcolm Roberts.

And 23-year-old student Jordon Steele-John will replace Scott Ludlam as Greens senator for Western Australia.

Questions were raised about the eligibility of the Ms Hughes due to her recent appointment to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. MPs are forbidden from holding “any office of profit under the Crown” under section 44 (iv) of the constitution.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Friday that given Ms Hughes’ case had been referred to the full bench of the High Court, “I will leave it to the court to determine. Once again, they are the only ones who can make these determinations.”

If Ms Hughes is found to not be eligible for the vacant Senate post, the spot could be filled by former general Jim Molan, who occupied the seventh spot on the Coalition’s senate ticket.

Mr Turnbull also brushed aside questions about NSW MP John Alexander, who Fairfax Media revealed earlier this week could be a dual citizen as his father, Gilbert Alexander, was born in the UK and may have conferred citizenship by descent on the former tennis champion.

Mr Alexander has sought advice from UK authorities about his status but is yet to report back their findings.

The Prime Minister, speaking from Vietnam where he is attending APEC, said he had not heard from Mr Alexander in recent days.

” I understand the position is as when I last heard from him, which is, he said this publicly, he believes he is not a dual citizen,” he said.

” If you are satisfied that you are not constitutionally eligible to sit in the Parliament, you shouldn’t be sitting. That is fundamental. I recognise there are cases that will be line ball decisions or questions of doubt where legal opinions will differ and those of the cases that should be referred to the High Court.”

But Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek said on Friday that Mr Alexander had gone to ground and that if was a dual citizen, he should step aside immediately.

“Where is John Alexander’s answer and why doesn’t Malcolm Turnbull make him stand up and confess whether he is a dual citizen or not?”

“The Prime Minister is also trying to push this off until Christmas or January. Labor says people should be able to get their paperwork in order by the 1 December. We have been debating this now for weeks, for months.”

The Coalition wants Labor MPs such as Labor’s Justine Keay, Josh Wilson and possibly Susan Lamb – who did not receive formal notification of renunciation of their UK citizenship until after nominations for the 2016 election closed, possibly putting them in breach of section 44 (i) – referred to the High Court. NXT MP Rebekha Sharkie faces a similar problem.

Labor is stonewalling on referring these MPs to the High Court.

Mr Turnbull has also threatened to break with longstanding precedent and use the government’s slim majority to refer any Labor MPs under a citizenship cloud to the High Court.

The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten are yet to agree on a mechanism on how to bring the citizenship crisis to a head.

The three confirmed senators will be sworn in on Monday ahead of the Senate voting on a new president to replace Liberal Stephen Parry, who resigned over his dual citizenship.

The position is tipped to go to Special Minister of State Scott Ryan.

– with AAP

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A brand-new Star Wars trilogy is in the works

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There’s a disturbance in the force. But not, it seems, in Lucasfilm’s future earnings.


The company that put Darth Vader and Yoda on our movie screens whipped fans into a frenzy on Friday with the announcement that it is developing a brand-new Star Wars trilogy.

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will create the next instalment of the beloved sci-fi series along with longtime collaborator and Israeli film producer Ram Bergman.

It was also revealed the new trilogy will be entirely separate from the Skywalker family saga that has gripped audiences for four decades. The films will explore new characters as well as a brand-new corner of the galaxy far, far away.

Fans have speculated the new series could be set in the Old Republic, which means next trilogy could be set a thousand years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

In a statement, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said Johnson was entrusted with shepharding the Star Wars universe into a new era following to his work on The Last Jedi, which hits cinemas next month.

“He’s a creative force, and watching him craft The Last Jedi from start to finish was one of the great joys of my career,” she said. “Rian will do amazing things with the blank canvas of this new trilogy.”

In a joint statement, both Johnson and Bergman said Star Wars is the “greatest modern mythology” ever made and they cannot wait to get stuck into working on the new series.

The Last Jedi and its sequel are due to be released on December 14 and December 2019 respectively, while a standalone Han Solo film will come out sometime next year. New Star Wars trilogy announced.

</blockquote><script async src=”>currently crying about new star wars trilogy don’t @ me??? eden rohatensky (@edenthecat) November 9, 2017</a></blockquote><script async src=”>

Rian Johnson is going to be making a new, separate Star Wars trilogy once The Last Jedi is done and I’m screaming

</blockquote><script async src=”>

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