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Neverending story of beautiful fractals | PHOTOS TweetFacebookNature as Art Artist Helene Leane with her exhibition, titled Red Gold, at Gallery 139 in Hamilton.
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Speaking of artwork, Herald journalist Ian “Kirky” Kirkwood attended an exhibition at Gallery 139 in Beaumont Street, Hamilton at the weekend.

The exhibition showed the work of artist Helene Leane, who recently moved from Newcastle to a rural idyll in the Hunter Valley.

Helene’sexhibitioncelebrates one of Australia’s most majestic trees – the red cedar, scientific name Toona ciliata.

Along with coal, red cedar’s beautiful red timber was this region’s first export, but the trees have been so heavily logged that very few exist in the wild.

At the exhibition launch, Helene regaled the crowd with her love of the tree, reading a description that she “unashamedly extracted” from one of Don Burke’s Burke’s Backyard books.

She also cited a guide to cedar-spotting that Kirky wrote in 2012, titled Pining for the days of cedar.

In it, Kirky said that “one of the best red cedars I know stands in a car park behind the former NAB bank on the corner of Donald and Beaumont streets, Hamilton”.

“With a straight thick trunk and a magnificent full canopy, it is starting to grow the distinctive buttresses that rainforest trees of this scale often grow to support themselves.”

And six years on,it was still looking good – until very recently.

Kirky was driving along Donald Street and passing the Beaumont Street corner, when hesubliminally realised something was different.

When he pulled into the car park, his worst fears were confirmed. The tree was gone, a covering of fresh mulch in the garden bed the only sign it once existed.

Kirky hopedthat whoever cut down the tree knew its value and didn’t simply stick it into a mulcher.

A tree that size would easily have $5000 or more worth of timber in it. Not to mention the value of the tree to tree-lovers.

Although the tree is gone, Helene’s exhibition is on until Sunday, May 14. More information at gallery139南京夜网419论坛.

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