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AWARD WINNING: Hudson Homes has won the NSW HIA Display Home of the Year for the last two years. Pictured is this year’s winner – Viridian at Elara Estate. POWER PACKED: Hudson Homes is offering new customers a free smart solar package that will help people save money and live more sustainably.

ADVERTISING FEATUREDanny Assabgy, CEO of Hudson Homes, firmly believes that building a home is something to celebrate.

VISION: Rob Borg, General Manager and Danny Assabgy, CEO, have shared a clear philosophy in driving Hudson Homes and keeping the building process transparent.

He stands by his mantra of providing customers with a delightful and rewarding experience, which trickles down to the entire team and their processes. So much so, in fact that the company is, it says, offering a level of transparency to the building process that has never been seen before.

“The whole philosophy of Hudson Homes is to provide our customers with a seamless process that is clear, communicative and simple. No hidden surprises, no extra costs, just an upfront agreement that is adhered to on time and on budget,” he explains.

The basis for the home building company is to provide a service that begins with the buyer’s perspective in mind.

By providing a three-tiered system of home packages, first home buyers, established homeowners and those looking for the ultimate in luxury living are all catered for. Customers simply select the package that fits with their expectations and budget.

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Hudson HomesUnlike other providers, Hudson Homes promises that everything is included from the start, meaning no surprises with expensive site costs. Additionally, they are also currently offering a complete solar system that uses smart monitoring software to save you more money on your ongoing bills.​

“We don’t generally offer promotions or deals to draw buyers in, we simply make sure that everything you want in a home is included at the time you engage us,” Mr Assabgy said.

“Leading up to Christmas, I wanted to offer an extra bonus for our customers. Our team sat around the table and struggled over the fact that we already include all the necessities in our homes. The majority of builders have air-conditioning, for example, as a upgrade, or an add-on or promotion, whereas it’s already included in our package as standard. The same goes for stone benchtop, al fresco areas, floor covering etc. That’s when we came up with adding on a free smart solar package to every new Hudson Home.”

This practice of transparency is extended throughout all aspects of the company and is the lynchpin to a new online platform for customers, soon to be rolled out by Hudson Homes.

The customer portal will enable customers to login and literally access their building file, view the build in situ, see photos and get a clear picture of how the site is progressing. It’s yet another way Hudson Homes are evolving their service and staying true to the company’s values.

This customer-focused builder has experienced exponential growth over the past four years and won the HIA Display Home of the Year award for the last two years running.

Danny Assabgy, CEO

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